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Empowering Change



Our corporate team building events are hugely successful. The benefits of getting out of the office and having co-workers interact in a non-threatening environment are palpable and the positive impact can be felt immediately within your organization.
Help builds trust. Team building activities are designed to help develop trust among team members. Trust is the most critical element to any organization, especially when teamwork is needed on a daily basis. Trust can make or break a team, and without teams, the business will not survive for long. Team building activities often foster mutual trust hence allowing team members to be more dependent on one another and be more efficient and productive as well. Working with our horses as a team enables co-workers to experience the same benefits as the rest of our clients, realizing how much their behaviors are influencing their teammates.
Builds confidence and a positive attitude at work. One obstacle to maximum performance among employees is stress and depression. There are team building activities specifically geared towards helping make employees less depressed and brighten their moods. Stress is relieved and it reflects on their work. Finger-pointing quickly becomes collaboration when the onus is taken off of themselves and put on the task of working with the horses. Positivity may result and the workplace environment benefits. Confidence will creep in and team members will be able to express themselves much more freely. The word “boss” will no longer have a negative connotation.
Increases collaboration and eases conflicts. Team building activities are supposed to establish very strong bonds among co-workers. Blame games when problems arise, and unnecessary conflicts and disputes must be eliminated. Employees have to be able to work closely with one another and become accustomed to each other’s personalities. According to Inc. Magazine, an effective team is the one with “a penchant for collaboration and a keen awareness of interdependency.” Working with our horses forces this type of collaboration on a team in a non-threatening way.


Families often struggle with a wide variety of issues that are related to internal dynamics. These dynamics may be difficult to address in a typical clinic office setting. Family therapy with Unharnessed Potential offers a chance for those dynamics and problem-solving approaches to come to life in a setting that is primed for improvement. As families work together to complete specific tasks, they are confronted with how their behaviors help or hurt them in real-time (i.e. “What is my part in this?”). The therapist can then help equip families with the tools they need to make the changes they want.


A group therapy environment offers a chance to better all areas of life while connecting with others in a safe and fun environment. Unlike individual therapy, group therapy provides opportunities to learn from and gain hope from the experiences of others. Connecting with other individuals with similar experiences can provide a heightened awareness of your own needs and path to success. We offer several open groups to help you reach your personal goals for improvement.


Individuals thrive with a set of goals to which they are deeply connected. Using the EAGALA Model, we will help the individual facilitate behavioral changes they believe will better serve them. We focus on helping clients to establish and maintain relationships, enhancing their ability to and effectiveness in coping with the stresses of life, and promoting a healthy and confident decision-making process. The overriding goal is in transitioning our clients to living up to their full potential.

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